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Reboot Mind is a Recruitment Services Provider focusing and addressing IT, ITES and Non-IT related placements. Reboot Mind is a specialized IT outsourcing company with clear vision to be a leader in IT outsourcing. Reboot Mind Consultancy Services provides cost effective solutions for deployment of inhouse IT staff. Reboot Mind Consultancy Services has a fully fledged recruitment team to handle the challenges of recruiting and deploying hundreds of helpdesk engineers, address attrition issues, replacements etc. We have a HR & Admin department that manages the operational challenges of remote team management.

Unyielding commitment to the work ethic has powered Reboot Mind growth from a relatively incognito placement company to a dynamic, intellectual leader in the high-technology HR services space in 2004. Reboot Mind's fast-paced growth is backed by its singular focus on the new, new sector of the Nineties - information and technology. This means we do not offer quick-fix, generic, comprehensive solutions to our clients, but design customised sourcing strategies fine-tuned and refined to meet our clients specific requirements. This also means no other HR services company in India has the domain knowledge and the intellectual expertise developed by our team to meet the stringent manpower standards of knowledge-driven information and technology companies.

Finding the right person for the right job in the right time is a universal recruitment challenge. Historically, HR service companies have adopted either a brick and mortar model that relies solely on personal contacts and headhunting to source candidates or have followed a pure online model which may not geographically stunt the talent search but suffers from impersonality. Reboot Mind's Model carefully designed to shape effective sourcing strategies for clients stretches the universe of qualified candidates to its maximum, providing recruiting companies with increased choice of hire without compromising on the personalised prospects of service.

Reboot Mind model offers a high value proposition to information and technology companies. As our name suggests by selecting Reboot Mind as a HR partner, the recruiting company is guaranteed-

  • Customised and timely hiring solutions to meet your organisational requirements.
  • A flexible, accommodating team that can internalise your demands, think like you and function 24/7 as an extension of your HR department.
  • An informed, no-nonsense, intelligent, team that prides itself on keeping abreast of technology developments.
  • A team that does not believe in short cuts and is passionately dedicated to meeting your exacting standards.
  • An articulate team with strong communication skills which can aggressively market your organisations strengths to prospective recruits.
  • A team with an uncompromising attitude to business ethics.

Reboot Mind provides cost effective solutions for deployment of in-house IT staff. Reboot Mind currently provides IT outsourcing services to clients across the Country. Reboot Mind provides its services via an onsite and off-site IT infrastructure support services business model through a team of highly skilled professionals. Reboot Mind also delivers People Consulting Services, Software Asset Management Service, Business Continuity Service, Application Management Service to clients across the globe.


"Working with Reboot Mind has been a pleasure from start to finish. A truly professional service of the highest quality, backed up by a dedicated team of people.".

Ajay Nemani (Airlift)

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