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A full-service technology company, Reboot Mind has the resources and the Internet Intelligence required to meet your business needs.

Reboot Mind strives to bring professional client-focused service and support to all of its clients - from small businesses to large corporations. No matter what size your company, we meet your needs with exceptional design, development, programming, follow-through, service and support.
We offer an array of traditional services to support your technology needs. However, it is our dedication to customer satisfaction that makes Reboot Mind the intelligent choice of many smart businesses.

Companies need to adapt and evolve their IT systems in response to the constantly changing business environment in order to strengthen their competitive advantage. Reboot Mind total business solutions encompass systems, processes, people and the extended enterprise.

We specialize in architecting and developing the next generation of IT solutions including software development, e-commerce, B2B/e-business integration, Intranet/Extranet, e-supply chain management and e-customer relationship management.

We believe that every aspect of an business be it the user interface, back-end system, technology or process, must be designed and built for maximum flexibility which allows companies to quickly adapt to change in order to reduce time-to-market.

Our technologists comprising of project managers, software architects, engineers, and user-interface specialists, are always aware of the latest technology developments and processes, and continually seek innovative ways to leverage and deploy technology solutions to support our client's business goals.

We build open and flexible architectures that are geared to meeting the business and technology needs of our clients. These architectures are made possible by enterprise component technologies like Java and Microsoft.Net, Document-oriented technologies like XML, and integration techniques like messaging tools and middleware. Our efficient development approach is customer-centric and focuses on building a bug free product via our extensive quality assurance (QA) process.


Client Speak

"Working with Reboot Mind has been a pleasure from start to finish. A truly professional service of the highest quality, backed up by a dedicated team of people.".

Ajay Nemani (Airlift)

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